About Us

The White Pine Builders family has been in construction, both personally and professionally, since 1980. Professionally, Cory has over 35 years experience in the roofing wholesale distribution industry.   Cory makes it a priority to work with the contractors, manufacturers and city inspectors to ensure all state and local codes are passed.  He was and always will be at the job site overseeing all facets of home-building and remodeling.


Personally, Cory and Maria have remodeled four of their own homes over the span of 20 years.  They would take on extensive remodeling projects; doing the majority of the work themselves or hiring out subcontractors to help complete the tasks.  In 2010 Cory and Maria found a new passion of purchasing dilapidated homes and rebuilding them with modern twists and upgrades.  The results were beautiful homes that only stayed on the market for mere weeks due to their design and exceptional value.  One home in particular had 3 offers on the first day of the listing. The reason for this success was their attention to detail and their constant thoughts regarding features that the potential buyer would want.


Today, Cory and Maria have not wavered from that vision, delivering all of the WANTS that YOU, the homeowner, could imagine in the new construction of your single family residential home.   Given a chance, White Pine Builders will outperform your expectations from concept, to design, to the finished product with one goal in mind: Satisfying all your WANTS in your dream home.